Points to Consider When Considering Travertine Flooring in Sacramento, CA

As part of the home renovation project, the contractor has suggested that the client consider the use of travertine flooring in Sacramento CA. As a natural product, travertine is a form of limestone and is composed of several layers of material. When deciding if this is the best fit for the home, it pays to look at some of the options. Here are a few examples.

The Color Choices

Travertine Flooring in Sacramento CA generally comes in a variety of colors that range from an off-white to a dull gold. The color is typically dictated by the combination of minerals that make up the layers of the product. For anyone who is seeking to create more of a natural look for the home, the range of colors will be sufficient.

The Finish

The tiles can be finished in more than one way. Polishing will yield a high gloss look that is suitable for more formal areas of the house. Honing produces a matte finish that is more subtle but still helps add an element of visual interest to the tiles. A tumbled finish will have a slightly rougher texture, something that can come in handy in certain rooms of the home. The contractor can help the client make a selection based on where the tile will be placed.

The Cost

In terms of expense, these tiles are more expensive than some of the other options on the market. If the homeowner wants something that will easily last for decades, opting for travertine is the way to go. With the proper care, there is no reason that the tiles cannot look just as good 30 years from now as they do on the day of installation. In this sense, the tiles can save money since there will not be the need to replace them anytime soon.

To learn more about this and other selections for residential tile, visit Palm Tile today and talk with an expert. After learning more about the type of application the client has in mind, it will be easy to point out options that will work well for the job. Once a decision is made, the team can ensure the installation is done quickly and professionally.

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