All Hours Pump & Well Service Professionals Explain Pump and Tank Operations

When a water pump and tank are running properly, the pressure plays an instrumental role in the circulation of water. Therefore, the size of a pressure tank used for a well for home use depends on the amount of water that can be delivered by the pump in one to two minutes. Tanks can vary greatly in size. While some tanks hold an enormous amount of water (over 200 gallons), others only hold about ten gallons overall.

What Is the Size of Most Pressure Tanks?

The regular size of most pressure tanks used for residential use is usually 44 gallons. They have a drawdown of around 16 gallons. The drawdown is the volume of water circulated by a pressurized tank from the time that the pump turns off to the time that it resumes. According to specialists at companies such as All Hours Pump & Well Service, a tank is a vital piece of equipment in a well water system.

How the Tank Supports the Use of the Pump

While the pump circulates the water, the tank maintains the pressure at a set level. In addition, the tank separates the air and water. If the tank did not possess these features, the pump would switch on and off at a rapid pace. When this happens, it can lead to a disabled motor.

How the Submersible Pump Is Used

All Hours Pump & Well Service professionals state that it can be difficult to assess if a submersible pump in a well is operating. These commonly used pumps normally display a relay switch that clicks when a pump is being activated. Some devices highlight a switch light for the relay system that shows if the relay is switching on the pump.

If you suspect a problem with your pump or tank, you should visit our website to obtain further information. Contact a plumbing specialist to survey your well and assess the situation.

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