An Air Conditioner Contractor in Vermont Also Installs Whole-House Dehumidifiers

When the long winter finally comes to an end, Vermont residents enjoy the milder temperatures. Although this northern state is known for relatively cool summers, there still are plenty of hot and humid days to cause discomfort. An air conditioner contractor in Vermont installs, maintains and repairs residential systems so people can enjoy consistent moderate temperatures inside the home.

Central air is helpful for reducing humidity, but many homeowners choose to have additional equipment to tackle this problem. Those who live on waterfront property may notice more issues with humidity than do people who live a good distance from any natural bodies of water. The basement often is the only area to be dramatically affected; a portable dehumidifier that is suitable for the square footage can handle this problem.

However, humidity can be a problem on the first floor and other stories well. Humidity levels can be elevated when people take long hot showers or baths, or when many residents shower every day. Doing laundry in a first-floor room and cooking liquids on the stove are other humidity producers. Cheap hygrometers let the homeowner know what the humidity level is on various floors. Some desktop thermometers include a humidity indicator.

Whole-house dehumidifiers that resolve the issue are available from an Air Conditioner Contractor in Vermont. These are attached to the indoor central air and forced-air furnace equipment, although the device doesn’t need to run when the furnace is on. The dehumidifier extracts moisture from air in the ducts and the air exchanger so it doesn’t ever reach rooms in the home.

The equipment is designed to extract only a certain amount so the air is optimum for comfort and for keeping various belongings in the house safe from high humidity. Computers, for instance, are notorious for working more slowly when humidity levels are high. High humidity also makes the air feel warmer, so people are inclined to turn the thermostat down and use more electricity. Ideally, the central air should be keeping the house at around 76 to 78 degrees. A contractor such as Fischer’s Refrigeration, Heating & Gas can answer questions about whole-house dehumidifiers and central air systems. Contact us to learn more.

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