What to Look for in Commercial Furnace Contractors in Toledo, OH

A company cannot afford to have the furnace go out in any part of the business. This may be especially true in the colder months of the year. Commercial furnaces are designed to be more rugged in nature, and are built to provide the businesses with many years of service. However, to get the most service out of these furnaces, establishing a preventative maintenance service will be the best way. Preventative maintenance will allow for troubleshooting of potential problems before the escalate into something major. There are commercial furnace contractors in Toledo OH who will provide quality preventative maintenance for their customers on a regular schedule.

One of the things that often are looked at when it comes to preventative maintenance is the presence of dirty air filters. A dirty air filter can be a major problem in a furnace that won’t heat properly. It can even damage the limit switch, which powers the fan. Another problem that could be found in troubleshooting a furnace is an electric pilot or ignition system that is failing. Thermocoupling problems may be the culprit behind the electric ignition failure.

Other problems that could occur with the furnace include, but are not limited to, a faulty thermostat, a blower fan that runs continuously, a furnace that continues to cycle on and off, and a furnace that makes a lot of noise while in operation. All of these things could be something that is easily repaired, or they could cause the entire furnace to need replacing. Once again, however, these problems could be minimized by utilizing commercial contractors for preventative maintenance.

A-1 Heating & Home Improvement has been serving the HVAC needs of customers in the Toledo, Ohio area for over 49 years. The contractor services boilers, humidifiers, water heaters, air cleaners, air conditioners, and of course, furnaces. The company offers to help customers save by providing preventative maintenance, but offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The contractor is available for residential needs, as well as commercial needs. If in need of Commercial Furnace Contractors in Toledo OH, A-1 Heating & Home is available. For more information, check out A-1heating.com.

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