Answering Your Questions About Carpet Restoration In Bowie

People who work in Carpet Restoration in Bowie tend to know the questions that people want answered the most about the process. Perhaps the first thing potential customers want to know is how much does it cost to get an estimate. The good news is that most contractors who work in carpet restoration will not charge for estimates. Some of the more skilled contractors have a list of questions that they ask potential customers on the phone. By using the answers, a rough estimate can be given without even seeing the carpet. However, for the most accurate estimate, it’s best to take the time to schedule an appointment. Someone who needs carpet restoration may be underestimating the problem when they describe it over the phone.

People in modern culture seem to be more concerned about the environment than past generations. Because of this concern, more and more people are inquiring whether or not green products are being used during Carpet Restoration in Bowie. There are contractors in the business who will go out of their way to use green products. In some more serious cases, contractors who use green products may recommend that a product that is not environmentally friendly be used. Ultimately, it is up to the customer to decide whether or not a harsher product should be used to get the job done. Customers may not be satisfied with the results if they go against the advice of experienced contractors.

Customers using ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services or any other restoration contractor may wonder about additional charges for service. Does it cost more to have areas that are heavily soiled pretreated? The vast majority of contractors won’t charge for treating areas that are heavily soiled, but they may charge extra if they have to deal with dye-based stains or urine from animals. It’s extremely difficult to deal with animal urine and pet odors. Urine tends to stick to carpet fibers. The process of removing it involves actually breaking it down so it doesn’t bind to the fibers anymore.

So how fast will a carpet dry after restoration? Generally speaking, it usually takes between six to eight hours for a carpet to dry after restoration. The thickness of the carpet and amount of dirt that have to be removed can affect drying times. When dealing with special pet treatments, it can take as long as 24 hours for a carpet to dry. You can visit here to get more details.

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