Is That Really Snow?

There are many different materials that can be use as artificial snow for event decorations. Some typical materials used for fake snow decorations include cotton and poly fibers, shredded plastic or paper, and Styrofoam granules. These materials are light, and tend to blow around everywhere. They can be messy and a huge headache to clean up. They are also not very realistic looking. There are other types of artificial snow for event decorating that you may not have heard of. Modern artificial snow is made from a type of polymer powder that puffs up when you add water to it and looks just like real natural snow. If you want very realistic looking artificial snow to decorate with, this is exactly what you are looking for. People will actually have a hard time believing that this stuff isn’t real snow!

Snow Polymer

A Japanese company invented a fake snow for indoor use at snowboarding parks. This strange fake snow material is a polymer powder, which is derived from a type of plastic. When you add water to the polymer, the water is soaked up by the plastic particles and causes them to expand. Once the polymer expands, it makes an extremely realistic artificial snow. This fake snow had to be very realistic because it is used in snowboarding parks. Now days, this is the same snow polymer that can be used as fake snow for parties and other events. The artificial snow will not melt, because it is not actually frozen. All you need to do to keep the snow polymer looking realistic is make sure it is evenly sprayed and moist. If you want to decorate your yard with fake snow make sure you mist it with water occasionally so it will stay fresh looking.

Beyond Snowboarding

Since it was invented, indoor snowboarding parks are not as popular in Japan. However, the artificial snow polymer has found many other uses outside indoor parks. Eventually, artificial snow made its way into the United States. In the film industry, Hollywood makes use of artificial snow to create extremely realistic looking fake snow scenes for movies, television, and commercials. SnoWonder was the first company in the US to make the snow polymer available to consumers. Now, anyone who wants to use the snow polymer to decorate events or holidays can purchase the snow polymer for personal or recreational use. When you see this artificial snow in person, you will be amazed at how realistic it seems.

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