Are You a Victim of Diesel Exhaust Poisoning, Hire a Lawyer for Help

Diesel fumes are toxic substances, and while advances in technology reduce the toxicity and how many fumes are produced, it can still cause short-term health problems. Diesel exhaust poisoning is still prevalent in a variety of industries. While employers are required to ensure a safe working environment, things and accidents can happen. You may want to hire a lawyer to fight for restitution from your employer.


Diesel exhaust contains over 40 toxic compounds; long-term exposure to diesel exhaust can cause cancer, heart problems, and kidney damage. Diesel exhaust combines particulates and gases. It’s considered a poisonous soup, which includes carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, metallic compounds, and dangerous organic compounds.

Called Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM), these are airborne particles, such as smoke or soot. These particulates are visible, but there are also particulates you can’t see. These can include silicates, sulfates, ash, and abrasive metallic particles. These materials can be drawn into the lungs and get into the bloodstream. Such exposure can cause emphysema, asthma, or bronchitis, which can also cause decreased function of the lungs, putting more strain on your heart.

High-Risk People

While short-term exposure doesn’t usually affect people adversely, studies have shown that long-term exposure can cause a variety of health problems. Therefore, if you know you were exposed to these toxins for long periods, you may want to talk to an attorney about your rights and try to get restitution for your medical bills and suffering.

Diesel exhaust poisoning is a serious issue that can cause severe health issues over time. Visit Hughes Law Offices at to find out more about their lawyer services.

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