Area Rug Cleaning in New York City Can Give it New Life

While many people take the time to have the wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned, they often forget about area rug cleaning in New York City. Area rugs, Oriental carpets, and Persian carpets all need professional cleaning from time to time to keep them looking pristine. A professional service can remove stains, pet odor residue and even make repairs. Don’t throw that area rug away. Let a professional rug cleaning service bring it back to life.

Rug Cleaning

Area rug cleaning in New York City should be done in a manner that preserves the existing rug materials, rather than breaking them down. Hand washing is highly recommended to extend the life of a rug being cleaned. Dirt and dust can safely be removed with compressed air, followed by a gentle hand washing shampoo that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. After drying the carpet in a temperature controlled room, the rug will be back to like-new condition.

Pet Stains

One of the main reasons that people discard area rugs is pet stains and odor. Over-the-counter products claim to work on these tough stains, but in reality, many of them just mask the smell with a strong scent hoping that it will cover the smell of the pet odor. Unfortunately, without proper treatment pet odors and stains will reappear over time and pets may make repeat visits to the spots, since they will still be able to smell the scent that they left in the first place. A rug specialist can completely remove pet stains and odors and restore the carpeting to its original condition.


Sometimes carpets develop tiny holes or tears over time. A rug specialist can make repairs that will blend in with the rest of the rug, even if it’s decades old. Special care should be taken to ensure that the colors in the repaired area match the rest of the carpet. A rug specialist can even repair large holes by weaving in thread and yarn that is the same age as the carpet being fixed since new materials won’t blend in and provide a seamless look.

Instead of assuming that a dirty, damaged or stained area rug is not salvageable, contact us to see what can be done to restore it. It may be an economically feasible option to have a treasured area rug brought back to life.

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