How to Create a Fire Safety Plan

Whether you live in a home or in an apartment, it is important to have a fire safety plan. This is true whether you live alone, with a friend or with your spouse and children. Let’s take a look at some key components of this plan and how to ensure that everyone is aware of them.

Know Where the Fire Extinguishers Are

Ideally, there will be a commercial fire extinguisher in every room of the house. In addition to knowing where they are, it is critical that everyone in your family knows how to use them. Finally, be sure to inspect each device periodically and replace any that are defective or that have expired.

Know Where the Exits Are

Each room of your home should have a window, door or some other exit point that takes them directly outside of the home. Once outside, there should be a designated meeting spot where you can account for everyone and call for help. Be sure to practice your escape protocols regularly to spot any problems that could prevent anyone from getting out safely.

Check Your Smoke Alarms Twice a Year

Traditionally, homeowners and renters have been advised to check their smoke alarms when the clocks are adjusted backward or forward. However, there is never a bad time to make sure that wiring in smoke alarms is not frayed or damaged.

If the wiring in smoke alarms is damaged, have the alarm repaired or replaced immediately. Furthermore, you should check to see that the batteries work properly. To test your unit, simply give it a press until you hear it beep.

First Alert can help with all of your fire safety needs. Whether you need a full alarm system or want inspiration as it relates to creating a fire safety plan, visit their website for more information.

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