Avoid Major Repairs with a Gutters Olympia Cleaning Service

If you think having a few twigs and leaves in your gutter are harmless, think again. Gutter cleaning on a regular basis is one of the most important keys to avoiding expensive home repairs. A gutter is designed to perform one task: controlling water around the house. If debris prevents the gutter from doing its job, you might end up with serious problems. To avoid this scenario, it’s suggested to consult with a professional gutters Olympia specialist.

Why Gutter Systems Become Clogged

A leaking gutter system is usually the result of leaf and other debris buildup. This can lead to basement water issues. When clogging occurs, the roof water will overflow and accumulate around the foundation. This access water can cause a weakened foundation wall, particularly around the footing. The end result usually is severe cracking and eventual inside flooding. Consistent gutter cleaning also helps prevent moisture damage and rotting to wood fascia.

Hiring a Professional Contractor

Many people are not comfortable with heights, especially when standing on tall ladders. In this situation, a gutters Olympia cleaning service is needed. However, homeowners that decide to tackle the job should always be aware of hidden dangers including electric power lines and bee nests. It’s important to emphasize safety at all times. If there are any loose sections, be sure and tie them up or use new lag bolts. It’s also advised to wear heavy duty work gloves and eye protection.

Managing a Clogged Downspout

When getting to the end of the gutter near the spout, carefully spray the hose in that direction and make certain it’s completely clear. Whenever downspouts become clogged, water can begin backing up leading to measurable accumulation. Clearing out a clogged spout often is difficult. Start by removing obvious buildup from both ends and then flush out the rest. If this should fail, it might be necessary to take the entire downspout apart and clean it this way.

Protecting Your Home Gutters

After the gutter system has been thoroughly cleaned and adjusted, you might want to consider gutter guards. This will help to avoid clogging in the future. There are many gutter guard styles available. Some people use screens. However, in the long run screens aren’t always recommended as clogs might reoccur. A leaf blocking guard, which resembles a metal louver, installs above the gutter. These are very effective for debris control. The gutters Olympia professional service will install the best gutter protection for your home.


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