Experience the Wonders of a Dive in Galapagos

If you desire a vacation that takes you away from the ordinary and into the extraordinary, a visit to the Galapagos Islands is just what you desire. The incredibly blue waters and pristine beaches in Galapagos lend themselves to one of the most exciting vacations you can experience. Everywhere you look you will find beautiful animals and birds soaking in the same sun you came searching for to relax, unwind and experience a tropical vacation. Along with beautiful beaches and luxurious accommodations, one of the major wonders of the Galapagos Island is the ability to dive in Galapagos where you will get an even more breathtaking view of the underwater sea life.

The Birds of Galapagos Island

Nowhere else in the world will you find penguins living in close proximity to flamingos except in Galapagos. This is due to the nature of the waters that flow into the Galapagos Islands, bringing both cold and warm currents that welcome both cold-weather birds and warm-weather birds. You will find an extraordinary number of birds on both sea and land, allowing you take in their beautiful colors, as well as their incredibly relaxing sounds.

Under the Sea

After enjoying the sites and sounds above the water, it is time to dive in Galapagos to experience the undersea life. When you dive into the crystal clear blue waters, it will feel as if you entered another universe, one with exotic sea animals that swim along with you, allowing you to experience nature like never before. You will experience sea animals, such as dolphins, fish and turtles, in a way that is typically only seen on TV. You will also encounter less common sea animals, such as the whale shark, a variety of rays, hammerhead sharks and fur seals.

On-Board Exquisiteness

When you choose a luxury boat for your dive in Galapagos, you will be rewarded with unbelievable amenities, including delicious food, luxury accommodations and top-of-the-line service. Your cruise ship will take you to various destinations, including several dives per day, as well as walking tours and opportunities for exquisite shopping experiences on the Galapagos Islands. Most cruises offer experiences at the two most famous Galapagos Islands, Darwin and Wolf, where you will find the most extraordinary undersea life, as well as incredible land formations and history to complete your vacation.

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