Back Pain Treatment in Lancaster for a Pulled Muscle or Sprained Ligament

A pulled back muscle doesn’t sound all that bad, but it can be very painful and even debilitating as the person recovers. A health care center providing back pain treatment in Lancaster can help a person who can barely move or even breathe without back pain due to a pulled muscle. Massage therapy is particularly effective at relieving pain so the individual can begin being active again, as well as for helping the area heal.

A pulled muscle involves over-stretching and tearing of the muscle fibers. In some cases, the patient believes he has a pulled back muscle but actually has a sprained ligament, medically known as a lumbar sprain. Inflammation from these injuries causes spasms in the back that can be so dramatic that some people head to the emergency room. The treatment for both is the same, and massage is just as useful for either one.

When this individual goes for back pain treatment in Lancaster at a center providing chiropractic care and massage therapy, he may receive treatment from both these practitioners. That can be especially useful, since realigning the musculoskeletal system will help resolve other problems in the body that are not related to the recent injury. That may include some episodes of chronic upper or lower back pain, or of neck pain. Proper balance of the spine and connecting tissues also can help the individual avoid further injuries, since the system will be stronger and more flexible.

Massage brings important nutrients and healing oxygen to relieve inflammation and help the sprain or torn fibers heal. The therapist also loosens tight muscles. These benefits of massage relieve the spasms that cause such extreme discomfort and allow the patient to return to his usual activities.

At a website a person dealing with this type of back pain can learn more about massage therapy and other treatments offered that can resolve the immediate discomfort and encourage the body to heal itself. For an acute injury such as a pulled muscle or sprained ligament, the person is likely to experience substantial relief within two or three sessions.

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