Different MRI Machines At The Diagnostic Imaging Center In Orlando

When you’re sick and you are already a little hesitant to be in enclosed spaces, the last thing that will make you feel comfortable will be a traditional closed MRI scanner. Claustrophobia is a real problem for people who experience severe anxiety or panic attacks when they are in small spaces. Half of the number of the 10.6 million people that have to have an MRI done yearly have some form of claustrophobia that they have to overcome in order to get an accurate scan. Thankfully, there are now alternatives to Orlando diagnostic imaging center than the traditional closed scanner.

If you suffer from claustrophobia and are scheduled for medical imaging Orlando, there are a few tricks you can do to better prepare yourself. There are four types of MRI’s that you should make an appointment to visit so that you can better familiarize yourself the procedure. The more you know about the process, staff, and strategies for your scan the more at ease you will feel. You can discuss with the doctor which of the four different types of scanner would be appropriate to scan the particular area they are interested in. Some scanners are not all inclusive with the capabilities.

The four types of MRI scanners are the traditional closed type scanner which is the most confining. Since 30% of all patients suffer from some sort of anxiety during the timely procedure, it is nice to have options for these patients. A closed short-bore, or open bore, system does not enclose the entire body but only parts at a time but there is some closed aspect to the scan. Then there are the first and second generation open scanners that are gaining in popularity so that the sides are open and the patient only has a bed on top and under them and easy access open sides.

In addition to the more open scans you can request at the diagnostic imaging center Orlando, there are other ways to ease your anxiety when going in for a much needed scan of your body. Such things like requesting your favorite music, a support person or even a relaxing medication may be available for your comfort.

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