Basic Types Of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulics was and continues to be an innovative field. It addresses the need for industries to boost the power and versatility of various types of equipment. Both indoors and outdoors, powered equipment relies on a simple device – the hydraulic cylinder, to enable people, through machinery, to move constantly larger and heavier loads with greater speed. Within the overall hydraulic system, this component functions with efficiency to produce optimal economic results.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are available in various types. These range in price and popularity. Always consider the specific application before choosing one type over the other.

  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders: The pressure on the hydraulic fluid comes from both sides. It may have single or double rods
  • Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder: Fluid action only occurs one side. Categories consist of Plunger Type, Weight Return and Hydraulic Spring retract or extend.
  • Telescopic Cylinders: This type of hydraulic cylinder is ideal for tight spaces and smaller areas.

Hydraulic cylinders may also be categorized according to their construction. They are:

  • Mill-duty cylinders: With thicker barrel walls, these heavily constructed cylinders are suitable for severe duty applications such as required in foundries and steel mills
  • Tie-rod cylinders: Industrial, heavy-duty applications use this type of construction
  • Welded cylinders: Lighter, more compact than tie-rod configurations, it is suitable for mobile equipment applications

The Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are crucial components of your equipment’s hydraulic systems. For them to operate to their maximum potential, with efficiency and reliability, it is important not only to select the right type for your applications, but also the best available models. When purchasing a hydraulic cylinder, make sure you look beyond price. Look at brand name reliability and durability. You want to avoid common issues e.g. internal leakage, rod seal leakage, from cheap cylinders at all costs. What you may save in the initial price, you will later pay out in repairs and replacement parts.

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