Tips for Cooler Refrigeration System Troubleshooting

If your industrial cooler is not working right, you may think about calling for service. Although this is often a good idea, there may be some things that you can do to avoid a service call and keep your business up and running. Here are some simple and common refrigeration system troubleshooting tips, that can help.

Not Cooling Properly

If the temperature is rising in your cooler or refrigerating unit, check to see if there is airflow. If you feel air, does it appear to be cold? If the air is cold, are there any signs of frost? Let’s look at these three refrigeration system troubleshooting scenarios to give you a better idea of what could be wrong.


In some cases, you may feel a minimal airflow in the system. This means that there could be something restricting this flow of air. If you have access to the condenser coils, check them for dirt, debris, or something that may be blocking the airflow. Sometimes cleaning these coils can make a big difference.

Frost inside the Cooler

The location of the frost is important. For example, if you have frost near the door, you may have a bad door seal. Do you notice frost on the walls or ceiling? Check to see if the panels are properly sealed. Caulking them may fix the issue.

Air is Warm

If you are getting warm air inside your cooler, your system is not working. This may be caused by low levels of refrigerant or other compressor related issues.

When to Call for Service

If you cannot fix the problem promptly, don’t wait too long to call for service. Your refrigeration system troubleshooting professionals can diagnose your problem quickly and give you a written estimate for the needed repairs. Make sure to choose a reputable company with many years of experience in the refrigeration industry.

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