Beginning Your Weight Loss Journey

Sometimes you just need a pick-me-up. While other programs might give you tips and tricks for rapid weight loss, a unique and personalized regimen is imperative not only to kick-starting your transformation but in teaching you how to maintain it. For those who have struggled along their weight loss journey, we suggest several basic tenets to reinvigorate your long lost goals:

  • Replace soda and juice with water. For those averse to plain ole H2O, consider antioxidant-rich green tea (fun fact: antioxidants can stimulate weight loss!).
  • Eat more/enough protein. Lean meats and fish not only fuel your brain but strengthen your body’s long-term energy expenditure.
  • Use smaller plates and limit servings. Your metabolism will benefit more from eating later when you’re hungry than eating now to stay full.
  • Get your greens! The nutrients in fruits and veggies are crucial to a healthy brain and body, and in this day and age there’s no excuse not to get your fair share (we’re looking at you, smoothies!).
  • Seek support! There is nothing like compassionate and constructive encouragement from someone who has your best interest at heart. Whether it’s a best friend or a local group, share your journey with others and be willing to help them along theirs.
  • Practice self-care. Over-exertion and negative self-talk never do anyone any good. Surround yourself with positivity and you will start to see it everywhere around you.

We wish you the best, and would love to be a part of your journey!

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