Eliminate Grease from Drains

Eliminate Grease from Drains

If you own a restaurant, then a lot of grease will enter the drains of the kitchen sinks. Despite having a grease trap to collect large amounts of grease, you must have the drainage system in a building cleaned frequently, A drain cleaning company Seattle WA restaurant managers can count on has the proper equipment to blast away the thick grease that can clog your restaurant kitchen’s drains. When you call the plumbers, they will arrive at a time that is convenient for you to avoid any problems with your customers, and the team of plumbers will use a rooter brush or a pressured water blasting method to remove the debris from drains.

Drainage Cleaning during the Winter

During the winter, the cold temperatures can lead to thick frozen clogs in the drains of homes. The best way to get rid of this problem is by contacting a plumber who specializes in cleaning drains during inclement weather. The plumber will dig through the ice and snow to reach a manhole cover that leads to your property’s exterior drainage system to blast way the dense debris with pressurized streams of water. In some cases, the plumbing team will need to use a large rooter brush to chop through the frozen bathroom tissue, food particles and grease.

Have Invasive Tree Roots Removed from Drains

It is also possible to have drainage issues during other times of the year due to a poorly constructed sewer line or because tree roots have invaded the pipes. When you call a drain cleaning company Seattle WA homeowners recommend, you can have the exterior sewer lines and interior drainage systems scraped with a specialized rooter brush that cuts away the invading tree roots along with the debris that has collected on these items.

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