Benefits Of Heating With Propane Gas In Clinton

There are plenty of ways that a person can heat their home. If an individual is planning to install a new heating system in their home, they should consider heating with propane. There are several benefits of heating with propane gas in Clinton.

Propane Is a High-Energy Alternative

Propane has a higher octane rating than gas. Therefore, it is more efficient in heating the home. If the homeowner is considering heating with electricity, they should consider that an electric heat pump is capable of delivering heat slightly warmer than the average person’s body temperature. Propane provides an air supply of up to 155 degrees. Also, To reheat the water in a hot water tank using electricity, it can take up to an hour. Propane can reheat the tank in as little as 20 minutes.

Propane Is Great For the Environment

According to the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 Energy Policy Act, propane is a clean fuel. Of all the fossil fuels available, propane burns the cleanest. Also, it cannot contaminate soil or groundwater. If a homeowner is looking for the most environmentally friendly heating option, propane is the best.

Propane Is a Safe Option

If a homeowner is trying to choose between gas heat and propane heat, propane is the safer option. First, propane tanks are more puncture resistant than tanks used for gas. In fact, propane tanks are 20 times more puncture resistant. If there is a leak, there is an additive in propane that smells like rotten eggs. This will let you know if there is a leak before a deadly carbon monoxide poisoning issue can arise. As long as the homeowner keeps their system properly maintained, it is one of the safest heating options.

Propane Is Great In Rural Areas

If a homeowner lives in a rural area and there is no gas main nearby, it could cost thousands of dollar for the home to be connected to the local main. If the homeowner chooses to heat with propane, there would be no need to hook up to the main. Therefore, there would be no extra cost.

If a homeowner is trying to decide the best way to heat their home, they should consider all of the benefits associated with heating with propane gas in Clinton. For more information, contact East River Energy.

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