One Choice For Home Heating Is Propane Gas In Clinton Connecticut

Residents in Madison, Guilford, Clinton, and Branford, Connecticut rely on East River Energy for home heating products such as heating oil, propane gas, and natural gas. Commercial companies also purchase these heating fuels. Having a reliable well-supplied fuel supply company is especially important during the cold winter months common to Connecticut. When the warm weather of summer comes, the same customers need HVAC fuel products and pool water. The same energy company can provide all these heating and cooling products at affordable prices.

Purchasing propane gas in Clinton does not have to break the bank. East River Energy has four different ways to purchase heating and cooling fuels. They include a prepaid plan that locks in the cost of fuel for the whole season, a budget cap plan that helps customers budget heating costs for up to twelve months, and a price of the day budget plan where monthly costs change with the market. The fourth plan is the price of the day plan where the customer pays the market price for each delivery when it comes. Each plan has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

Not every person is comfortable using propane gas in Clinton; some will prefer heating oil and some will want natural gas. It depends on the heating equipment in a building. When a family of business moves into a building with operational heating equipment, they tend to stick with that equipment until it is time to purchase new equipment. Since the same company sells all the kinds of heating fuel, their service professionals can inspect the heating and cooling equipment, make any needed repairs, or help the building owner choose new equipment and fuel type. When heating and cooling equipment is older or worn out, it is more cost effective to choose the equipment and fuel that is best for the environment and efficient to use. Even older heating and cooling equipment can run more cost effectively when it is properly serviced and repaired. Customers can purchase fuel, get servicing and repair services and purchase new equipment from the same energy company. For more information, make sure to visit the website.

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