Benefits of Using Professional Teeth Whitening Cincinnati

Many people may find that their teeth are starting to show stains or other types of discoloration that can be embarrassing or just make their smile seem duller than they would like. This can happen due to the foods they eat, the medications they may take or for other reasons. Regardless of the reason, in most cases a patient who is troubled by the appearance of their teeth may find that having Teeth Whitening Cincinnati their teeth can once again have the bright look want.

Today many different types of kits are available, which a person can use to whiten their teeth at home. These kits can include special pastes, gels and strips all designed to remove stains and make teeth whiter. While these kits may have some success, they will generally not be able to accomplish the same results as can be achieved by seeing a dentist and having one’s teeth professionally whitened.

When a patient sees their dentist for whitening, the dentist will be able to use professional strength products that are much more effective in removing stains. In most cases, the whitening agent will be applied to the teeth and then it will be activated by the use of a special UV light or laser. This not only intensifies the effects of the peroxide in the whitening product, but it can also make the process happen much more quickly. This can be of great benefit to the patient and dentist as well.

If after having this type of treatment there are still stains or other areas that are discolored, the dentist will be able to evaluate the issue with the patient and decide whether more treatments will help the situation or if something else should be tried. In some cases, it may be necessary for the dentist to consider treatments such as veneers to help in fixing extensive issues.

Veneers are porcelain overlays or shells that are custom designed to fit over a person’s tooth. The veneers are created in a shade to match the person’s existing teeth so that they will blend in well with the other teeth. This type of treatment is not invasive like crowns or implants can be. Yet, they can be beneficial for anyone who finds that professional whitening is not enough to restore the condition of their smile.

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