What to Expect When You Have New Countertops Installed by Granite Fabricators in Colorado Springs, CO

Many home buyers search for houses that include stone countertops. Buyers want to enjoy their beauty and durability. However, it is possible to upgrade your current countertops to stone, and professional granite fabricators in Colorado Springs make the process efficient. Once you have decided to upgrade your counters, you can expect a process that includes the following steps:

MEASURING: You have the choice of sending a drawing of your cabinets to your stone fabricators, or they will measure your cabinets, free of charge.

CHOOSING THE STONE: One of the reasons that stone counters are so popular is that they are available in dozens of materials, and choosing your ideal stone is the next step in installation. You can visit website, and view a gallery of completed work. This will let you see how granite, quartz, and even tile would look in your rooms.

DESIGN: Next, you will make the design choices that help mold your room into the exact space you want. You will choose undermount or top sinks, edge profiles, and the amount of overhang you want, among many other things.

SIGNING THE CONTRACT: When design plans are complete, you will typically provide a deposit for the work, and sign a contract. Your stone fabricators will then order the materials you need, and arrange to have them delivered to you.

CREATING TEMPLATES: Professionals will come to your home and create templates for your countertops. Before they arrive, they will provide instructions about any preparations you need to make.

INSTALLING YOUR COUNTERTOPS: The professionals who will be creating your cabinets will set up a date for installation, and this will typicallly be within two weeks of the time material was ordered. You will need to remove old countertops, and ensure that new sinks and faucets are available for installation.

FINAL PAYMENT: Once the job is finished to your satisfaction, you will pay any remaining balance due on your contract.

You can add beauty, function, and value to your home by upgrading countertops to stone. Today’s professional stone fabricators will walk you through the entire process, from measuring and choosing materials, to preparation for final installation.

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