Breezesta Adirondack Chairs Are both Historic and Traditional Furnishings

The first Adirondack chair was stylized by Thomas Lee in 1903. The chair, which was first called the Westport plank chair, was made in Westport, New York. The maker owned a vacation home in the town, which was situated on the west side of Lake Champlain, located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. The idea was to make a relaxing chair that could be used outside.

A Plank-Type Styled Chair

The use of the name “plank” comes from the fact that the original design for the chair was made from solid wood pieces that were divided and cut into 11 pieces. The slanted back and seat of the chair were made so people could sit on the chair on an incline or hill.

Added Comfort for Today’s User

Contemporary manufacturers of outdoor chairs, such as Breezesta Adirondack chairs, still take this type of design into consideration. The chairs today closely replicate the early chairs, with modern modifications made to increase comfort and durability.

The Patented Design

Thomas Lee followed up with his design by sharing it with a local carpenter, Harry C. Bunnell – a worker who was in need of money during the lean months of winter. The carpenter started making the new-styled chair and soon realized great success. The design, patented shortly afterward, included cushions that rested on the back and seat of the chair as well as a small footrest.

An Ergonomic Furnishing

The modern forms of the chair are now designed ergonomically, thereby causing the furnishing to provide comfort without the need for cushions. Some models of the chair also fold up easily for simple portability and storage. Breezesta Adirondack chairs, for example, also come in a large display of colors.

An Interesting History

While the name “Adirondack” eventually stuck for the name of the chair, it was also referred to as the Laurentian chair or Muskoka chair. Both names were derived from the furnishing’s manufacturing origin.

The chair has evolved so that it offers comfortable support and comes in a variety of colors. Unlike the original model, the chairs feature contoured and rounded backs, which are made by skilled craftspeople across the U.S. New features in design appear annually.

The Ideal Patio or Deck Chair

If you are interested in purchasing Adirondack chairs, you will find chairs made from various woods and weather-resistant materials and painted a variety of colors. In fact, if you want to upgrade the looks of a patio or deck, an Adirondack chair is an ideal choice. You can use the chair with or without cushions and match it to a number of patio decors. You simply cannot find a better chair in which to relax and enjoy the outdoors. You can visit or their Facebook page.

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