Tips For Finding OEM Replacement Parts

Anyone who enjoys using their airsoft rifles, pistols or custom airsoft weapons understands that no matter how careful you are, eventually you will need to find parts for repair and replacements. When looking for OEM replacement parts for airsoft weapons, there are a few different options to consider.

In-Store Purchases

If you are lucky enough to live in a handful of cities, you may be able to find OEM replacement parts for airsoft weapons at one of the few airsoft stores in the country. However, be very careful if you are in another store and are buying replacement parts as you may not be buying true OEM parts.

If you are making an in-store purchase, it is essential to know the manufacturer, the make, and other specifics about the gun. Buy only those parts designed for your specific airsoft weapon as trying to use other manufacturer or generic types of parts can create more problems in the long run.

Know the Part

In addition to knowing the gun model, make, and other particulars, you should also have a good idea of what part you need to have replaced. If you are able to find a great online resource or an actual store selling airsoft weapons, the staff can be extremely helpful if you can explain the issue that you are having during play.

Upgrade Possibilities

Another option would be to buy upgrade or repair packages instead of individual OEM replacement parts. Typically with these options the airsoft weapon is mailed into the company, they handle the upgrade and then return the airsoft weapon in top condition.

Upgrades can include boosting accuracy, power, durability as well as high speed upgrades which are a great option if you want to have a higher rate of power but not increase your fps.

Online Purchases

While in-store purchases are a simple idea if you aren’t sure what you need or if you need assistance, buying online OEM replacement parts has a lot of benefits to consider as well.

You will have the option to shop for multiple brands and types of airsoft weapons when you shop with a top online airsoft gun company. In addition, you can browse through the complete line of parts on offer, which makes it easier to not only determine what you may need for this order but to also place an order for accessories, gear or perhaps even additional ammunition to take advantage of the low cost on both the OEM replacement parts and your other items.

At Airsoft GI, we offer a full line of OEM replacement parts for a top selection of Airsoft pistols, rifles, and custom weapons.

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