Can I Install My Restroom Hand Dryers?

If you’ve recently purchased hand dryers for your restroom, you may be concerned that you need to hire a professional for installation. However, with a few tips from a pro, it’s likely you can handle bathroom hand dryer installation on your own. Here are a few things you need to know.

  • Choose the right voltage. When picking your hand dryers, be certain you know the voltage of the electrical line in your building. Hand dryers must be installed by wiring directly, rather than plugging into a receptacle, so it’s important that the voltage of the dryers match the voltage of the wiring. There are a few hand dryers that offer a multi-voltage capability, but most do not.
  • Turn off the electrical while you work. For safety, it’s important to shut off the electrical to the restroom while you install the dryers.
  • Install against a stud. You will want to bolt your dryers to a stud. If you don’t know where the studs are located in the wall, use a stud finder to help you. Consult the dryer’s manual for instructions on the height at which the dryer should be installed. Bolt the faceplate to the stud, and then attach the dryer to the faceplate after everything is wired.
  • Connect the wiring. Pull the wiring from the wall, and connect to the dryer, starting with the ground wire, then the positive wire and finally, the negative wire. If you are uncertain about how to connect the wires, consult an electrician.

Armed with these simple tips, and the instruction manual for your dryer, you should be well equipped to manage hand dryer installation on your own. Before you know it, your new, energy efficient dryers will be keeping your restrooms neater and tidier than you ever thought possible.

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