Can You Put Weathervanes on the Roof of Your House? Yes, You Can!

Weathervanes are frequently added to the roofs of barns or garages, but you don’t generally see them attached to the roofs of other structures. It begs the question,

Can you put weathervanes on the roof of your house?

The answer is yes, you can, and there are some good reasons why you might want to do just that.

Weathervanes Can Be Quite Stylized and Decorative

Nobody says you have to add a rooster or basic wind direction weathervane to the roof of your house. Instead, consider copper weathervanes, which shine like bright new pennies in the sun. Additionally, these copper weathervanes are highly stylized and very decorative. You can even add extra decorative touches with finials on top of the weathervanes themselves. It’s a very attractive addition to any roof, including the roof of your house.

Every Time You Step out of Your House, You Can Look at the Roof and See the Direction of the Wind

If you don’t have a garage or barn, but you do love the idea of a weathervane, adding one to the roof of your house just works. You can step out of your house every day, look up at the roof, and see exactly which direction the wind is coming from/heading toward. If you have a peak in front of your house, but the weathervane right there.

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