3 Questions to Ask Before You Hire Any Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer

When you’re facing the possibility of a divorce, hiring professional legal help becomes an immediate priority. If your spouse has already hired a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville, it’s very likely that they are already planning to take action against you. While you’ll want to hire a lawyer of your own in a hurry, asking a lawyer the following questions can help ensure you hire someone with the legal skills you’ll need to rely upon.

Is Litigation the Only Service You Provide?

This is an important question because many couples are able to get divorced without going through the adversarial process of a divorce hearing. Your lawyer should be able to assist in handling mediation or a collaborative divorce if you and your spouse choose one of those options.

How Are Fees Charged?

Every divorce lawyer charges their clients differently. Some will let a client pay a retainer from which the lawyer deducts their fees, while other lawyers charge an hourly rate. In addition to finding out how fees are charged, be sure to find out what fees you’re responsible for paying. Some lawyers will pay minor court fees as a part of their service, while others charge extra to cover these costs.

What Outcome Do You Expect?

During the initial consultation, the attorney will evaluate the information you provide to determine the strength of your case. From this information, he should be able to predict the chances of a favorable outcome in terms of the settlement and child custody. There isn’t a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville who can guarantee an outcome for you, but your lawyer should be able to provide an accurate assessment of your situation.

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