Choosing Custom Logo Dress Shirts

Dress shirts bearing your company’s logo are an important part of your corporate apparel. These shirts are perfect for sales people and executives who meet with customers, and can also be appropriate for other employees as part of a company uniform.

When you begin to shop, you’ll see that there are many different custom logo dress shirts available. Start by finding the vendor who will embroider your shirts, and see which brands they feature. As you peruse the custom logo dress shirts available, you’ll likely see fabric choices like these:

100% Cotton or Cotton Denim – Cotton and cotton denim shirts are cool and comfortable, particularly for summer wear. Keep in mind, however, that 100% cotton shirts shrink.

Cotton/Poly Blends or Cotton/Poly twill – These blends make great sense, particularly for employees who travel. The blend makes them easy care, and prevents wrinkles and shrinking.

Twill – Shirts made completely of twill have a crisp look that keeps its shape, but are not as soft as blends.

Rayon/Polyester Blend – This blend has a very soft finish, but can be prone to wrinkling. This blend of shirt is often available in a bowling shirt style, designed to be worn untucked.

All fabric styles are usually available in short or long sleeve, with or without a button down collar. In most cases, a wide variety of colors will be available, as well, making it easy to choose a color that works well with your logo.

No matter which fabric you choose, be sure to ask if the style is available in ladies’ sizes, as well, to ensure a proper fit for both men and women.

Talk to your vendor about the right custom logo dress shirts for your company. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect shirt for your employees.

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