Choosing Easy-to-Clean Natural Fiber Carpet Installation in Bedford Hills NY

Some homeowners put a premium on having carpeting that is very easy to keep clean. They may have a preference for natural fibers but don’t know the other characteristics of carpeting that will allow them to avoid having dirty floor coverings. When planning for new Carpet Installation in Bedford Hills, NY, they may talk with one of the company representatives and get answers to their questions.

Wool Carpeting

Artificial fibers tend to be the easiest to keep clean, but that isn’t helpful for homeowners who truly want natural fibers. They aren’t interested in acrylic or nylon. One possibility for Carpet Installation in Bedford Hills, NY they might consider is wool. Wool carpeting once was much more prevalent in the residential setting and can still be purchased today in a broad range of colors and designs.

Stain Resistance

Experts place wool at the top of the list of easy-to-clean carpets and rugs. They repel most stains, although it’s still advisable to clean up the spill quickly. Clear dishwashing liquid on a soft wet cloth will remove most staining substances from wool if applied quickly enough.


Problems may develop if nobody in the household finds out about the issue until much later, however. A party guest who spills red wine and doesn’t alert hosts to what happened may cause a permanent stain. An accident by the home’s canine companion may not be discovered for several hours, especially if everyone is at work or school. Nevertheless, this kind of carpeting is resistant to the more common items that create the need for cleaning: general dirt, sand, and plant material tracked in by people and pets.

Brief and Frequent Cleaning

No matter what type of material and design is chosen from a supplier such as Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs, a small amount of frequent attention to the floor covering will prevent dirt and other bits of debris from being ground down into the fibers. Running a high-quality vacuum cleaner around the room at least once every few days is advisable. Once the household gets into the habit, they’ll wonder why they never did this before.

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