Clear Zinc Plating And Color Options

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Zinc

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Depending on where you are located, clear zinc plating may also be called blue zinc plating. Both are actually very accurate descriptions as the clear coating can have a slightly blue tint when viewed in specific types of light.

There are actually several different colors of zinc plating, and each is developed through the use of electroplating. The particular item or part is submerged in a bath of a specific solution, and then a current is passed through the solution. The result is that the zinc forms a layer on the surface of the metal part or component, effectively protecting the part from the effects of rust and corrosion.

The reality is that there are several different options in addition to clear zinc plating. Not all are equal in their ability to provide protection and resist corrosion, so it will be essential to choose a color, or the clear option, to best suit specific needs.

Clear Zinc

Using clear zinc plating for metal surfaces produces the clear to slightly blue hue that is very common with a wide range of components and parts. This provides a good level of corrosion resistance through a trivalent process with the surface being durable, resistant and easily recognizable.

Black Zinc

You will find a variety of different methods used to produce black zinc plating. The true version of the plating uses specific chemicals that allow a true black zinc layer. Other processes are created by the use of a second application of a black oxide coating or a dye that is applied after zinc plating.

Both provide a good level of corrosion protection. They are also a top choice for many parts and components for OEM companies.

Yellow Zinc

Yellow zinc can also be referred to as gold zinc, and it has a distinctive yellow to gold color. It is by far the most often used type of zinc plating, particularly in the automotive industry.

With yellow or gold zinc plating you will have slightly lower levels of corrosion resistance than with clear zinc plating, which is an important fact to consider. However, with most types of applications the differences will be negligible, which really leaves the choice more a factor of branding and aesthetics.

All colors or clear options in zinc plating provide some very evident benefits. They provide optimal corrosion resistance under typical use conditions, and they are ideally suited for low-cost, large volume types of plating needs.

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