Need New Lenses? 5 Tips to Choosing Replacement Lenses

Looking for the right lens to go with your specs can be half the battle. Here are a few tips to help you shop for the right kind:

Factor in Your Condition

Do you have presbyopia, astigmatism, or any other kind of eye condition? You’ll need to make sure that the lenses you choose will work for you and help you with your eye condition. It’s best to consult a doctor before you make a decision.

Choose Plastics

These days, high-tech plastics are all the rage, says the American Association of Retired Persons. That’s because plastics are lighter, so they’re more comfortable to wear. They’re also thinner, making the lens easier to carry around. Bulky ones can be uncomfortable, especially if you wear your specs throughout the day.

Go with Sturdy

Another reason to go for plastics is that they’re incredibly sturdy. There’s no need to worry about dropping your specs and finding the lenses shattered on the floor. That means zero effort and time necessary to clean up the mess because there won’t be one at all.

Try It On

Don’t forget to try on your replacement lenses for glasses. Don’t just pop it on your nose, look at the mirror, and decide that’s it, on the spot. Walk around while wearing it. See how well you can see and move around with it. If you’re having trouble, consult with your doctor.

Check Out Polycarbonate

Another material you could go for is polycarbonate. It’s virtually unbreakable. If you’re the type that puts your lenses through a lot of abuse and wear, if you need lenses that would work for your kid, or if you love sports and all sorts of outdoorsy activities, then going for this material is ideal. That way, you can have glasses that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Be wise when shopping for your lenses. Keep these tips in mind.

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