Comfortable in Garner: How to Prepare for Your AC Installation

You’re thinking of getting an AC installed but want to prepare for the process. After finding a good company to help take care of your AC installation in Garner, you’re going to figure out how to prepare for the installation.

Clear the Path

It’s important to clear the path that your AC specialists are going to use. You’ll want to clear the area where most of the work is going to take place, but you also want to clear a path from the front door to that area. Make things easier for the AC specialists so that things can go faster.


It may not be the first thing you think about when you’re thinking about AC installation in Garner, but you should consider having your kids out of the house. Ideally, you should schedule this visit at a time when your kids are at school, but if that’s not possible, then go ahead and get a babysitter to take them out. These folks are going to be using all sorts of tools, and it’s better to have your kids out rather than near all those tools.

Pet Sitters

Those with pets are going to have to do the same thing. Sure, you could lock your pet in a room, but that could be stressful. That’s not a great thing, but what you could do instead is just go ahead and hire a pet sitter to take your pet out for a walk or keep them outside. This will give the AC specialists the freedom to work without worrying about anything.

Any Day Heating & Cooling has been working in the Garner area for a long time providing what homeowners need, so if you’re ready to have your AC installed, visit to make your appointment.

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