Commercial Moving Companies Can Help Memphis Businesses Move Forward

If businesses are searching for a company to move an entire office, or commercial space they can benefit from a provider that can execute the relocation in a quick and efficient manner. Downtime needs to be minimized when it comes to business. This benefit can be provided to customers through the services delivered from commercial moving companies. Memphis is serviced by movers with the resources to cover the various aspects of moving, from planning and coordination to packing, unpacking and storage – all of which can help fulfill the goals of businesses that are making a transition – either locally or nationally and beyond.

Comprehensive Moving Service Capabilities
Services that may be offered by companies with extensive experience in the industry as well as the resources and expertise to fulfill a wide array of moving scenarios quickly and efficiently include: pre-move planning and budgeting, single point of contact, , on-site project management, office moving, floor plan design, files and records moving, computer, electronics and equipment moving, valuation coverage, facility protection, modular furniture build-out and tear down, furniture installation and reconfiguration, fixtures installation, electronic equipment disconnect and reconnect, asset auctions, charitable contributions, recycling, asset management, disaster recovery and restoration and post-move cleaning services.

Additional services may also include: concierge services, claims management, customized reporting, group moving, decluttering and organizing, home marketing assistance, lump sum quotes, home marketing assistance, move management, realtor selection services, staging, specialty packaging, and utility connection services.

When it comes your relocation needs, you can benefit from choosing a company that can provide both the moving as well as the storage aspects of your move. A company that works with United Van Lines can handle any move safely. Some commercial moving companies offer partial online move tracking. United Van Lines provides move tracking through their web portal systems.

Storage Services
Regarding storage, the facilities offered by a relocation company should ideally include 24 hour security comprised of alarm systems to thwart break-ins, as well as fire suppression systems. Vaulted storage should be safe and secure enabling customer to have confidence that their items are under optimum protection.

Company Awards
The reliability and quality of commercial moving companies can be demonstrated by the awards they have won. Some awards that may indicate these attributes of moving providers include: Customer Choice Awards for overall quality performance in multiple size categories, Fleet Safety Awards for overall risk management performance, Performance Excellence Awards for operational quality, and Top Hauler Awards for both Regional and Continental categories.

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