Protect and Beautify the Home With Expert Roof Repairs in Albany OR

The roof of the home is one of its most important features. A strong roof can prevent water from damaging the structure, but an aging roof can make the building lose value and look terrible. The solution to an old or leaking roof is quality Roof Repairs in Albany OR. Roof repairs will vary with the type of damage. For instance, a small leak that occurs from wind damage might be reparable with only a few shingle replacements. More extensive damage may require a lot more work.

One concern with the typical, asphalt shingle roof is hail damage. Hail is dense and it falls at a rapid pace. Large pieces of hail can do significant damage and force the need for immediate Roof Repairs in Albany OR. Avoiding hail damage may be difficult, but the use of the right roof covering can help. Class IV roofing shingles provides the best protection against hail damages because they are designed to withstand high impacts.

Another way to protect the roof is with laminated shingles. Composite laminates are an asphalt product with additional layers on the back of the sheet. This makes the shingle thicker and more durable. Laminates also provide a unique style because the design of each sheet varies. This removes the uniform appearance common with the three-tab version of asphalt shingles.

For those folks that prefer a different look or an alternative material there is the option of steel roofing. A roof replacement that uses steel can last for decades and it doesn’t have to have that industrial appearance unless that is what the property owner prefers. Steel roofing comes as panels that connect using standing seams or sheets that simulate most other roofing options. This wide array of styles makes steel a great solution for most building types.

There are other areas where the roof can have issues. For example, the flashing that protects connecting walls or the metal around vents needs proper sealants. Aging sealant can crack and allow water to soak into the decking with disastrous results. Most decking materials are now an engineered wood known as OSB (oriented strand board). OSB is a great product, but it doesn’t handle water very well. Keeping the decking protected is crucial for roofing integrity. If the roof is having problems, then click here to know more.

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