Custom Carrying Cases: Working Towards Perfection

Companies put a lot into designing and producing the ideal custom carrying case for their clients. Constructing custom cases is not something a company takes lightly. To produce the best possible product for their industrial partners, a company has to understand exactly what the work entails. They and their employees have to understand the components that make these cases perfect for the recipient manufacturing concerns.

Producing the Product: Focus on Foam

While some production companies work to produce cases and other related components for a single manufacturer, most handle the demands of several. In order to produce the right products, they have to have in stock, different materials. To produce the right carrying cases requires certain basic parts and constituents. Companies require specialized foams and the tools to insert and prepare them.

Specialized Foams: The clients of custom carrying cases require specific foam. Basing its choices on specifications, the manufacturer will select from such basic types as:

Anti-static foams – address issues facing electronic items during shipping

Egg crate or convoluted foam – one of the most common types of foam applied using injection molding

Ethafoam foam – ideal for optimal cushioning where the risk is high for repeated impacts

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam – a high performance

Synergy PE foam – a low-abrasion solution to address both performance and appearance issues

Foam requires various equipment and fabrication techniques to ensure the designs achieve the specifications and meet the goals of the clients. Two favored methods are water jet cutting and die cutting.

Producing Custom Carrying Cases

In producing cases for industrial clients, a company has to focus on meeting specifications. While foam provides protection on the inside, the shell protects directly from exterior forces. Fabrication materials can include everything from aluminum to wood. Companies turn to cardboard, plastic and hybrid materials to produce the ideal exterior for the cases. An ideal combination of interior and exterior components produces perfect custom carrying cases.

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