Custom Chocolate Casino Chips are Perfect for any Party

Have you hit the jackpot on love? Or maybe you just want something special to feature at your charity casino night or casino themed party. If you want unique party favors, check out the personalized custom chocolate casino chips that are increasing in popularity today. They make a great decoration as well as perfect parting favor for your guests.

The really good casino chips are made from real Belgian chocolate and covered in custom printed tin foil, embossed with one of the standard designs available. Many companies also offer the ability to have your custom design right on the casino chips. These are not the chocolate coins of your childhood! One side has the dollar value of the chip and the other has a customizable message and emblem.

If you do not want to customize your casino chips, the coins can be embossed on both sides with the dollar amounts, just like real casino chips. Dollar amounts and colors match up, just like at a real casino, but there is no extra cost for higher chips. In fact, you will be sent a variety of chips when you order, so you can play at all levels.

You can display the custom chocolate casino chips like real chips at a casino with the provided gift box, or set them out on a decorative plate, scattered around the tables for your guests to see. Do not be too surprised when the folks at the poker table seem more interested in winning the chips themselves, rather than the money behind them. But you may have to be careful and have everyone play with real chips instead, because otherwise all of your guests will eat their money before they have spent it.

If you have diet restrictions, but really want to order yourself some custom chocolate casino chips, you still have options. Some really great chocolate companies actually make their chocolate kosher. You can choose your favorite flavors for you custom chocolate casino chips too. Whether you love dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or you want a full variety, the options are up to you.

If you are planning an event that seems just a tiny bit short of fabulous, consider custom chocolate casino chips to make your party complete. Delicious, fun, and original, your guests will love them. They are the perfect finishing touch on any party.

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