Dental Implants for Aesthetic Appeal

One of the latest advancements in dental technology has been the emergence of dental implants. A dental implant is a tooth saving device or an artificial tooth root that has been placed deep inside the jaw to strengthen a tooth bridge or a replacement tooth. These tooth saving devices are perfect for those who have lost their teeth or a particular tooth due to a jaw injury, periodontic illness or any other reason but otherwise have overall good oral health. Fargo, ND Dental Implants are not only natural looking but also do not give a feeling of having lost a tooth. Most people have poor self-confidence because of gaps due to missing teeth and hence do not smile or laugh openly. More importantly they are also unable to eat properly and have difficulty in chewing.

But with the arrival of dental implants one can smile, eat and speak again with confidence. Since these implants look and feel just like natural teeth it is even better than dentures. If Fargo, ND Dental Implants are placed properly by an experienced periodontist and if they are maintained in the right manner and in proper conditions they can last for a number of years. The placement of the dental implant is of critical importance to its longevity. Current research indicates that there is a very high rate of success of dental implants in patients.

Some of the salient features of dental implants include: substituting one or both teeth without impacting nearby teeth, supporting a dental bridge and eliminating the need for dentures, offering support for a denture ensuring that it stays comfortably and securely.

There are two types of dental implants that are currently used in cosmetic dentistry. These include endosteal dental implants and subperiostal implants.

The most commonly used type of dental implant is the endosteal dental implant which is placed deep inside the jaw and in the bone. It involves securing it with the help of surgical screws, blades and tiny bolts inside the jawbone. Each endosteal implants is capable of holding one or more artificial teeth. Patients with removable dentures or bridges are usually recommended to go in for this kind of implant.

The subperiostal implant is placed above the jaw with the help of a metal structure that holds the artificial tooth. Subperiostal implants are recommended for those patients who cannot adapt to traditional dentures and have problems with the structure of their bones.

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