Different Types of Coffee Makers

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Shopping

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A good cup of coffee is always refreshing during the start of a new day. But most people also love to take a well deserved break to have a cup of coffee and recharge their energies ready to finish the rest of the day. You can also have your coffee after a good mean or just about at any time. The point is that coffee can be taken anytime and is an essential element in just about any society. Diverse cultures love coffee but it is also made with the use of very contrasting coffee makers.

Different coffee brewers are available in different shapes and sizes and anyone who is interested in a good cup of coffee would be interested in learning a little bit more about the different type of coffee makers.

Standard Drip Coffee Makers

The standard drip coffee maker is the most popular and can make four to twelve cups of coffee. They are also the most affordable although it is possible to find premium models that will be pricey. There are two available types of this coffee maker to choose from. There is the type that houses the glass or thermal container that dripped directly into travel mugs and then there is a type that is constructed for use on a gas camp stove or even on an RV stove or ovens. You will find this coffee maker in the houses of none coffee drinkers who keep it to serve their guests. This is a very functional coffee maker and is ideal for people looking for the practical aspects of coffee making.

Percolator Coffee Makers

Though it was once the regular coffee maker, the percolator is making its entry into the market again and many love its ability to brew coffee that is very rich. Glass percolators are used on stove tops to by people who love to brew coffee grounds for a long time although the electric percolator that has an automatic setting is used more often in the home. The none-electric stove top types are favorites for people who love to go for camping. Big coffee urns can brew twelve or more coffee cups at the same level that small home brewers operate and are good for social gatherings.

Pod, K-Cup or Other Single Use Coffee Makers

Single use coffee makers are quite convenient and can be used effortlessly for brewing and are wonderful for a quick cup of coffee. They can only brew one cup of coffee at a time and require patience.

French Coffee Press

The French coffee press has been there for quite a number of years and involves pouring hot water that has been boiled over the grounds that are in a press. The French coffee press type has not been constructed with a view to be used over the stovetop and the coffee has to be brewed right before it is served.

The Moka Pot and the Espresso & Specialty Coffee Machines

The small stove top coffee maker known as the moka pot is a favorite of many in the European continent and in Latin America. There other varieties of coffee machines are the more expensive versions that are used to make espresso, cappuccino or lattes and are available in different variations. When you want to make a purchase of a coffee maker, consider its size, how many people it will serve and how it operates and brews. Always make sure that you get one that brews frothy as well as regular coffee so that you have options.