Four Tips for Using Eco-Friendly Baby Products

Most parents are faced with the dilemma of what products to use for their newborns. They are torn between the less costly plastic products or the eco friendly baby products that carry a higher cost. This is especially true for those who are about to have their first child. But, the safety of the child is what should be given priority. Baby products from synthetic materials are known to contain chemicals that are harmful to the child. These chemicals may affect the delicate and tender child skin. Here are tips for choosing the best baby products for your child while considering their health and safety.

Analyze the diaper puzzle

It is paramount that you decide the kind of diaper that is best for your baby. The disposable diapers easier to use but are also known to contain any harmful chemicals such as chlorine. This is the primary reason why they are known to cause diaper rash. Cloth diapers on the other hand are both pure from these chemicals and are reusable. It is possible to use these diapers for your baby and still use them for their sister that follows. They also reduce the amount of disposed synthetic material that just goes to the landfills in form of disposed diapers. If you find it difficult to use the cloth diapers, it is recommendable to use diapers that are a bit greener.

Apply softer beddings and wipes

Bedding and towels used by the child should be soft and comfortable. They should be gentle with the baby skin which is known to be very delicate. Some towels and beddings are known to contain perfumes and chemicals that may pose a health threat to the child. These chemicals may be harsh to the delicate skin and may even cause some irritation. Beddings that are recommended for the child should contain as little dyes as possible. These dies are the ones that contain chlorine chemical. The beddings should be able to keep the child warm but not hot. Synthetic beddings tend to store heat and raise the temperatures which make the sleeping baby uncomfortable.

Use low chemical cleaning products

Having eco friendly baby products will require that you clean them using eco friendly cleaning products. You will require products that do not require heavy chemicals to maintain cleanliness and kill germs. Diapers and towels that contain antibacterial characteristics are very recommendable. They are covered by a lining that has been tested and confirmed to kill germs. They are the easiest baby products when you talk about cleaning. These will therefore offer you no need for using chemicals to clean them.

Use non smelly products

Products that have a lot of smell may be uncomfortable to the child. The smell may be as a result of having concentrated dyes or chemical perfumes. Eco friendly baby products are free of these potentially harmful smells. Products that have antibacterial properties are known to kill the smell causing bacteria. These products are able to offer the baby a clean natural environment without the smell of dirt such as urine.

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