Disability Lawyer Fort Worth TX Representation Services

SSDI, Supplemental Security Disability Income is not easy to obtain. More than 60 percent of the people who apply for it are denied benefits. That does not mean they are not deserving. It may be due to the wrong information or some other bit of red tape that needs to be addressed by a qualified attorney. If you have been denied SSDI, and you want to go through the appeals process, a disability lawyer Fort Worth representative can help you get what you deserve.

When you can no longer work due to a disability, the stress of the loss of income becomes overwhelming. The uncertainty of it all is stressful which is why it’s comforting to have a lawyer on your side for your hearing. Your first step is to set up an initial appointment to consult with an attorney. Initial consultations are free in SSDI cases.

A lawyer that accepts your case, and that you choose to represent you should not charge you a fee for his or her services. Only if the lawyer helps you get disability will he or she be compensated. It commonly comes out of back pay owed to you from your benefits.

Once you choose a lawyer, make sure to follow the instructions given to you throughout the process. You and your lawyer are supposed to have a trusting relationship which is called a fiduciary relationship, so never lie to your lawyer. Only when you are honest and forthcoming with information regarding your case can your attorney truly help you. Omitting information or telling your lawyer a blatant lie can result in losing the benefits whether you deserve them or not.

Besides SSDI a qualified disability lawyer can also help you with SSI (Supplemental Security Income), disability income, and disabled widows benefits problems. If you have minor children they also have the right to a portion of disability until they turn 18. Your lawyer will need to know if you have minor children so he or she can properly fill out the paperwork for your disability benefits. Disability lawyer Fort Worth TX representation is how most people receive benefits for themselves and their family.

You get the benefit of our 18 years of service right here in your community when you hire Joy NeSmith, Attorney at Law to assist you in getting your disability lawyer Fort Worth benefits.

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