Understanding Southern BBQ Sauces in Charlotte, NC

Even if you have just eaten, the aroma of smoking hot coals wafting through the air makes your tummy growl, even if you are cooking veggies, ribs, brisket, or burgers on the grill. This is true even if you are not grilling anything at all. If the aroma of barbecue isn’t enough to make you hungry, let me remind you of something much better: southern BBQ sauces in Charlotte, NC, that are so delicious you can forget the napkin since you won’t need it.

Numerous Flavors

There are several taste variations for barbecue sauces, from places like Baste Southern Style Sauces & Seasonings. You can pick your favorite sweet, spicy, or classic smoky sauce. A smoky, sweet, and spicy sauce sounds delicious! Consider tangy, honey, or brown sugar and molasses flavors of barbecue sauce. Depending on where you’re from, you could like a tomato-based sauce over one that is vinegar-based, while others argue that a sauce isn’t barbecue if it doesn’t include mustard!

Understanding the Taste of Southern Sauces

Southern BBQ sauces in Charlotte, NC, are somewhat sweet from the ketchup and sugar, bright and tangy from the vinegar, and a little hot and fiery from all the peppers. Peppers used include red pepper chili sauce, chili powder, horseradish, red pepper chili sauce, and any other peppers people wish to use. All of the sauces enhance a wonderfully delicious dish with deep flavors. You’re left wanting more since it touches every area of your tongue.

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