Discreetly Vape Your Medical Cannabis

Do you use medical marijuana to help with a health problem? If you are tired of worrying about what people think when they see you using cannabis consider using a Vaped nano vaporizer. When you smoke marijuana the traditional way the herb will produce an odor from being burned.  With vaping there is no combustion to produce smoke for others to smell or be exposed to. A vaporizer is a discreet way to inhale the wax or essential oils that are used for medical cannabis. The range in size from that of a BIC lighter to an ink pen, and nobody will know what you are doing when you take your medication.

How to Use Your Pen

It is easy to set up and use your nano vaporizer for vaping. The first thing you want to do is make sure you battery is fully charged before using the device. With a color-changing light you will know if the unit is fully charged, mid-charged, or about to stop working due to the battery needing to be recharged. Turn the unit on by pressing the button five times, the light will blink three times to let you know that it is on. With the dabbing tool, you will load the concentrate into the pen on the titanium coil. Once ready simply press the button to start heating up the oil or wax to produce vapor to be inhaled.

The Benefits of the Nano

One advantage of using a nano vaporizer is the pen can be used while it is being charged up instead of waiting for it to be ready. The wickless coil offers a healthier option versus a wick made of fiber. You can easily transport the device in a carrying case or simply place it in your pocket. Cleaning the pen is easy to do when you soak all the pieces except the battery and cartridge in alcohol. The threads can be cleaned up by wiping them down with a Q-tip.

Enjoy the Convenience of Ordering Your Device from Home

Not everyone wants people they know to see that they are using medical marijuana. When purchasing your merchandise relish in the fact you can shop from the comfort of your home. You can search online to find the right vapor pen for you that can be shipped discreetly to your home. You do not need to worry about running into someone you know when you can receive the same great customer service when ordering online.

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