Do You Need a Lemon Law Attorney?

While some automakers have a formal arbitration program, you never know what the dealership might try to pull, especially if they knowingly sold you a lemon. There are also some states that have programs to help customers in these situations. When you need a lemon law attorney, you likely have been denied a claim or may not know all of the documentation that you need to ensure that you get a refund or a replacement vehicle.

Here is everything you need to know to ensure that your rights are protected:

Get Documentation
Dealerships have to keep documentation on every car that their mechanics service. The service adviser should inform you of the repairs made within the service order. You need to keep this documentation from every visit that you have at the dealership. When you pick up the car, you also want to note what the mechanic said was wrong and what was fixed. These notes should be on every order and as clear as possible. If not clearly written, then make sure to get the note typed and printed before you leave.

If the car has the same problem repeatedly, then the dealer could prescribe a number of repairs to fix the problem. However, a vehicle will still be considered a lemon car if the problem is the identical to the previous issue, even after going through several repairs.

The paperwork has to show a timeline that the car was not in use or out of service. If the car has a wide range of issues and the dealer continues not to be able to fix the car, then you are still protected under the state’s lemon law.

When you need a lemon law attorney, you should work with a group of people who know the law best. One of the top lemon law firms in the state is Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center®.

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