Don’t Ignore Checkups Due to COVID-19 Your Health Depends on It

With the recent concerns about contracting COVID-19, more people are avoiding crowds and doctors offices. This could be dangerous to your overall health and well-being. Don’t ignore checkups due to COVID-19. Your health could depend on it. This is especially true for those living in assisted living facilities.

Ignoring Your Health Checkups Can Increase Health Problems

Many seniors are afraid of going out into the crowds due to the current pandemic situation. Ignoring these all important health checkups could be a costly mistake. Those with chronic health problems need to keep their issues under control or risk getting into a health crisis as a direct result. Most assisted living communities have some wonderful senior health related options that may make these appointments less stressful and safer for senior citizens and those with poor immune systems or bad health histories.

Take Advantage of Special Senior Appointment Times

Many stores, doctor’s offices, hospitals and various businesses have now designated certain hours just for seniors and those in poor health. Usually, these special times are early in the day. Many pharmacies, grocery stores and other businesses set aside these times to encourage vulnerable persons to get out and do their important errands like picking up their medications, getting food stocked up and getting to regular doctor appointments.

Assisted Living Facilities May Have Different Doctor Schedules

Seniors living in assisted living communities may be able to see a doctor without having to travel. Learn more by contacting The Chelsea At Brookhaven at

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