Driveway Sealing: Denver Concrete Company Answers Common Questions

If you have recently had a new driveway placed, chances are the contractors recommended you have your driveway sealed soon. However, before you make the investment, you probably have a lot of questions you need answered about driveway sealing. Denver concrete company, CO Hard Surfaces, answers your questions about the process.

Why Should I Seal My Driveway?
When living in Denver, our driveways tend to experience harsh freezing and thawing cycles. As water freezes within the pores of the concrete, the concrete expands. Over time, the repeated thawing and freezing of the concrete will cause the concrete to spall and crack. By adding a sealer, you make the concrete water-proof to protect the concrete from thawing and freezing.

In addition to preventing spalling and cracks, adding a sealer to your driveway protects your concrete from stains, vehicle traffic, and even deicing chemicals. Not to mention, the diversity of sealer colors available add beauty and character to your home.

Is Sealing Concrete Expensive?
The cost of concrete sealer varies depending on the quality of the sealer. When choosing a sealer, do not focus on the price. Focus on the quality to ensure the sealer will fully protect your driveway while also offering a longer lifespan prior to needing reapplied. In the long run, adding a sealer is far more cost effective than having to perform driveway repairs from an unsealed surface.

Driveway Sealing: Denver Concrete Protection
Sealing your driveway is a smart investment to add value to your home and to protect your property. If you need driveway sealing, Denver concrete company, CO Hard Surfaces will explain your options.

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