Dry Needling in Lafayette Is Becoming an Effective Way of Treating Pain

There are millions of people living with some form of chronic pain on a daily basis. They do their best to manage the pain, to live their life, but it is an uphill battle at best. That is why it is so imperative to find a treatment that can give them their lives back.

Dry needling in Lafayette is becoming a more trusted and effective way to treat that pain. Metropolitan Physical Therapy is a practice that can be a great way to alleviate pressure points on the body and reduce that pain.

Dry Needling

Dry needling in Lafayette, also known as acupuncture, is “dry” because there are no fluids injected into the body. These needles go into certain pressure points in the body and can help alleviate the chronic pain that can build up in those areas.

There is a science behind dry needling that is proving itself to be effective. There are those who remain dubious but the process is proving to be more than effective at managing chronic pain.

Other Science-Based Treatments

There are plenty of other science-based treatments available as well. Best of all, they treat a variety of pain conditions. That includes both chronic and acute spine pain, ankle issues, knee tears, knee reconstructions, balance training, Benign Positional Vertigo, cervical and lumbar fusions, and so much more. Don’t let chronic pain continue to be an issue for any longer than it needs to be.

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