Learn How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly to Protect Your Smile

It is common for people to deal with dental issues because they do not brush properly. For example, using a toothbrush that is too hard can lead to receding gums. Here are suggestions that Pleasanton dental offices encourage their clients to use when brushing their teeth.

If you want a healthy mouth and smile, you should brush your teeth twice a day. You must use a soft-bristle brush to protect your teeth. You want the shape and size of the brush to fit comfortably in your mouth. You should be able to reach all areas easily.

When visiting Pleasanton dental offices, professionals will recommend that you replace your toothbrush every four months. If the bristles get frayed more quickly, you should replace it sooner. If the toothbrush is worn, it will not clean your teeth properly. Individuals who use metal braces may have to replace their toothbrush every two months.

Make sure you use a proper brushing technique. This involves having your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. You want to move the toothbrush back and forth using short strokes. Think about cleaning your teeth in quadrants. You must brush the inner surfaces, the chewing surfaces, and the outer surfaces. Turn the brush vertically to clean the front teeth. Use strokes that go up and down.

Flossing must be part of your routine as well.

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