Easy Ways to Prepare Your Morning Cup of CBD Coffee in Charleston, WV

Many people can’t function without a cup of joe every morning. And who can blame them? Coffee is ritualistic, energizing, and delicious. So how can you elevate it and make it even better? Well, for starters, you can infuse it with CBD. To learn more about how to best prepare this invigorating coffee, and what kind of health benefits it can offer, continue reading.

Over Ice

Once the warmer weather hits, drinking iced coffee is a way to combat the heat. Prepare your coffee grounds as usual. However, store what you don’t use in the fridge for the following day. Grab a glass and pour the brew over ice.

Protein Coffee

For any coffee and fitness addicts, mix your protein powder with your CBD coffee for a more filling beverage.

Sweetened and Piping Hot

For this cup, prepare your coffee as you normally would. Then, use a drizzle of agave syrup and a splash of your favorite creamer. For a healthier choice, opt for plant-based milk or creamer. Finish off your cup by using a small beverage frothier to get a café-worthy latte at home.

Why CBD Coffee?

CBD is one of the newer health and wellness trends that has hit the scene. It’s best known for aiding people with their anxiety, due to its calming effect. If you wish to learn more about ordering CBD coffee in Charleston, WV, or you want to learn more about this amazing phytocannabinoid in general, contact the Green Infusion Cannabis Company.

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