Compassionate Care for Your Standard or Exotic Pet in Bel Air, Maryland

You are an animal lover and as such, you want the best possible care for your bird, cat, dog, or even exotic animal. That means you want the best in both routine as well as emergency care for your pet. Therefore, you want the compassionate care provided by the animal hospital in Bel Air, MD. Here, routine and emergency care are provided to keep your animal healthy and comfortable, year-after-year.

Services Provided

Your dog or cat became a member of the family from day one. You started with vaccinations and spaying/neutering to provide the best possible life for your fur baby. However, sometimes it takes a little more care than that. Skin irritations such as ‘hot spots’, bites, or accidents can require further treatments including medications and sometimes surgery. Perhaps tumors have been noticed. You want the best comprehensive care available from the animal hospital in Bel Air, MD.

Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the veterinary staff can diagnose cancers, bowel obstructions, hip dysplasia, and other common problems. Surgical lasers including the CO2 laser enable veterinarians to cut and cauterize tissue simultaneously, making it easier for your pet to heal with less bleeding and pain.

Perhaps your ‘fur baby’ doesn’t have any fur. Iguanas, Bearded Dragons, birds, and turtles have become beloved family members, too. These pets require different treatments. Many owners need guidance on how to feed, care, and nurture such exotic animals. The staff at the animal hospital in Bel Air, MD can answer these questions.

Bring your pet to Chadwell Animal Hospital for competent, compassionate care.

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