Effective Storefront Glass Door Options: Making the Most of Every Entryway

by | Aug 12, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Curb appeal does not only apply to residential homes. Business locations also benefit when their property is alluring to their target clientele. For retail locations, this means having the right display windows and appealing entries. An Effective storefront glass door will provide safety, energy efficiency and encourage people passing by to step inside. Old, cracked glass doors are a safety hazard and look poorly maintained. It gives the impression that the business owner does not care about their company, product or customers. With a single, modest investment it is easy to change that and have the exterior of the business look as good as the interior.

If the glass is cracked in a storefront door it is possible to have it replaced without purchasing an entirely new door frame. However, if the door has any visible signs of wear or is more than 10 years old it may not give the entry the modern look most people prefer. Replace the whole door if the frame is dented or looks old, worn or dated. Many newer aluminum frames are covered with an anodized coating that is available in numerous colors. Black, beige, and blue are common choices and help to brighten up a dingy entrance.

Choosing the glass is very important. Most display windows and storefront doors are now made from tempered glass that prevents injury if it happens to break. Clear glass is usually preferred in storefronts to help people view the merchandise from outside. Energy efficient glass reduces the heat from the sun that transmits through the glass and keeps the inside of the store cooler on hot summer days. The heat transfer process works both ways, so when energy efficient glass is chosen it means that heated air inside will not be lost through the glass in the winter.

An Effective storefront glass door is a visual and energy-saving benefit to the building where it is installed. Companies like Layne Glass Services offer numerous options. Some shops need exterior doors that protect against the elements. Others are inside malls or office buildings, but still need to provide the location with a professional look, reduce the noise level and keep the store secure after operating hours. Frameless doors and windows, stylish arched and curved designs and much more are available to fit any building and make it look better than ever.

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