Easy Do-It-Yourself Display Ideas With Tubing And Tubing Connectors

by | Aug 12, 2016 | aluminum

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For an independent retail store, a boutique or a specialty store having the ability to create low-cost, durable and great looking displays is an ideal option. By using aluminum tubing and tubing connectors that are pre-formed to create the shapes needed, this is actually a very easy do-it-yourself project.

With aluminum tubing systems which include both the tubing and tubing connectors all that is required in the way of tools will be a measuring tape and a saw. Cutting aluminum is easy with a miter saw or a hacksaw with a metal cutting blade. This will provide clean, crisp and straight cuts that can be easily smoothed off with a grinder or a file if necessary.

The advantage of using connectors is to allow the structural parts of the display to be effectively and securely held in place. This won’t require the use of any type of screws or fasteners, which means you can add to the display or change the configuration at any time. It also makes construction very easy and literally a matter of snapping components into place.

Open Displays

For an open rack type of display for hanging items, the aluminum systems are a breeze to put together. You will need to start with the base, which can be any dimension you require.

Generally, the base the top will be rectangular or square in shape. Each corner will have tubing connectors that are known as 3 way 90s. This allows the two base component and the upright support to connect and form the frame.

On the two short sides of the upper rectangle, a three way tee can be used to run a single tube down the middle length of the top of the stand. This creates the rack for hanging items.

Shelving Units

There are also tubing options that have an additional channel of to one or two sides. This will allow for shelving to slide into the channel component of the tubing, providing a wide variety of different options.

Table top types of displays can be used for smaller items, which more of a stacking design is perfect for multiple items or merchandise that is best grouped together for display purposes.

The versatility of these displays and the ease of construction make them a perfect option for anyone with basic assembly skills. With the classic look of aluminum in a satin finish, these are ideal for any décor and any style of retail outlet.